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You can chose to stay in one of our holiday homes, huts or stay at our camp resort, so you can enjoy the park for several days. We offer free parking nearby the entrance, where you can buy the tickets.


We can offer a house of 68 m2 for 6 people.
and a smaller house of 54 m2 for 4 people.

The houses are fully equipped for 4 and 6 people respectively
– Tv with Danish and German channels.
– Access to the parks attraction
– (Go-karting and fishing are extra payment however)

If you want to buy one of these beautiful holiday homes
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Can be rented on a daily basis (minimum 3 days) for weeks 36 – 24.
Price pr. day:
6. pers. = 1120,- kr.
4. pers. = 1060,- kr.
For the rest of the year they can only be rented on a weekly basis. 25 – 35.

See the drawing of the houses here »

Price 6 pers. houseWeeks
A: KR. 6970.-29/30/31/32
B: KR. 6439.-28/33/1
C: KR. 5670.-27/34
D: KR. 4860.-26/35/52
E: KR. 4440.-25
F: KR. 3299,-Week 2 till week 24
F: KR. 3299,-Week 36 till week 51
Price 4 pers. houseWeeks
A: KR. 5910.-29/30/31/32
B: KR. 5355.-28/33/ 1
C: KR. 4290.-27/34
D: KR. 3690.-26/35/52
E: KR. 3179.-25
F: KR. 2665.-Weel 2 till week 24
F: KR. 2665.-Week 36 till week 51


Camping prices

Season prices
Space rent per unit - camping / tentKR. 49.-
Pr. person / adultKR. 89.-
Pr. person / kids*KR. 69.- *
DogKR. 15.-
Electricity pr. dayKR. 35.-

Children get 50% on accomodation in 2020
In addition, an environmental supplement of 20 kr. pr. day pr. unit.

In the Family Park you have a unique opportunity to combine the joys of camping life with the fun and hobby of the whole family.
The campsite is right at the park, so there is not far to fishing and activities

Park prices – campers 

Parkpris for campisterDagePris
Pr. person1KR. 25.-
Pr. person2KR. 40.-
Pr. person3KR. 55.-
Pr. person1 ugeKR. 100.-
+ Compulsory park fare for campers – providing access to:
 When paying entrance to the park, all park activities, as well as water park are free.
(Go-karting, fishing and mooncars are against surcharge.)

Campingprices – Whole year lot 

PeriodePladsleje+ ekstra personer
Strøm efter måler
Sommersæson - inkl 2 personer26-3-2021 til 19-9-2021KR. 8495.-KR. 500.-
Forårssæson - inkl 2 personer26-3-2021 til 4-7-2021KR. 4100.-KR. 300.-
Efterårssæson - inkl 2 personer9-8-2020 til 20-9-2020KR. 2500.-KR. 250.-

In addition, an environmental supplement of DKK 100 per unit and connection fee of DKK 200 per unit. unit.

All season prices are incl. park access
Power is paid for meters that are borrowed here. KR 3.50 PR.KWH

Free access to the park: Free access to all park activities (except for go-kart and mooncars).
Enjoy indoor as well as outdoor water park or a game of mini golf or fish in our large fishing lakes.


Week 15 - 26 | PriceWeekend priceWeek 27 - 32 | PriceWeek 33 - 38 | PriceEasterAscension / Pentecost
5 pers. cabin w/ toiletKr. 3.500,- / 550 pr. dayCall for priceKr. 4.200,- / 700 pr. dayKr. 3.500,- / 550 pr. dayKr. 1.600.- / 700 pr. dayKr. 1.600.- / 700 pr. day
5 pers. cabin w/o toiletKr. 3.150,- / 500 pr. dayCall for priceKr. 3.850,- / 650 pr. døgnKr. 3.150,- / 500 pr. dayKr. 1500 / 650 pr. dayKr. 1500 / 650 pr. day
8 pers. cabin w/ toilet and showerKr. 3.995,- / 650 pr. døgnCall for priceKr. 5.500,-Kr. 3.995,- / 650 pr. dayKr. 1900 / 800 pr. døgnKr. 1900 / 800 pr. døgn

All prices includes free entrance to the park. All prices are without power included.
* Dogs may be kept in the A cabins and select houses by the fishing lake.
** In all rental units, smoking is prohobited.

Try our new Bonfire tent:

2 bedrooms with real beds, living room with dining area for 5 people and lounge set, fixed floor and fridge. Coffee maker, kettle and service are also in the tent.
It is heated with a heatmax heater. There is paid for consumption and electricity. The price is incl. free entrance to the park 2020.
Rented from first weekend in May to first weekend in September. From week 27 to 32 can only be rented on a weekly basis.

Week 18 - 26 | PriceWeekend priceWeek 27 - 32 | PriceWeek 33 - 36 | PriceEasterAscension / Pentacoste
5 pers. Bonfire teltKr. 3.995,-Call for priceKr. 4.995,-Kr. 3.995,-Call for priceCall for price


Price 2.900, – kr incl. free access to park activities (except fishing, go-karting and mooncars)
Extra day costs 1,000, – kr.
There is room for 85 people incl. service.
It is even allowed to provide food and drinks for the party.

Cleaning costs DKK 1,000 can be ordered (only includes vacuum cleaning, floor washing and toilets, the rest you stand for yourself)