Play with animals

Come close to the animals.

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You can chose to stay in one of our holiday homes, huts or stay at our camp resort, so you can enjoy the park for several days. We offer free parking nearby the entrance, where you can buy the tickets.

In the familiy park is it easy to come close to the animals.

come and meet our 3 free range goats “Ditte” “Dorit” and “Daisy” they love to be talked and fed with vegetables and rye bread .. they must NOT be fed with pasta / spaghetti. They are released for a few hours every day, lounging around the park.
But when they are inside the fence it is because they want peace, so there is no access in there ..
Our goats love company and enjoy every visit, which comes with a loving pat and a greeting. The goats roam the park freely. The goats may be fed with bread and fruit. NO PASTA.

Dogs are welcome in the park – on leash though. It is not allowed to bring a dog in the water park.

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