Holiday home rental

10 beautiful holiday homes ready with a view over the fishing lake.

Order your camp vacation here today!

You can chose to stay in one of our holiday homes, huts or stay at our camp resort, so you can enjoy the park for several days. We offer free parking nearby the entrance, where you can buy the tickets.

We can offer a house, 68 m2 for 6 people.
And a smaller house, 54 m2 for 4 people.

The houses are fully equipped for 4 and 6 people
– Television with Danish and German channels.
– Free access to all activities in the park.
– (Go-Kart and fishing are with extra payment)

Holiday homes can be rented on a daily basis (min. 3 days) between weeks 36 – 24.
Price pr. day:
6. pers. = 1120,- kr.
4. pers. = 1060,- kr.
The rest of the year, holiday homes are only available for weekly rental.
Must be rented for a minimum of 3 days.
When you wish to buy one of these beautiful holiday rentals
Read more  here.

See a drawing of the houses here »

Week price 6 personsWeeks
A: KR. 6970.-29/30/31/32
B: KR. 6439.-28/33/1
C: KR. 5670.-27/34
D: KR. 4860.-26/35/52
E: KR. 4440.-25
F: KR. 3299,-Week 2 including week 24
F: KR. 3299,-Week 36 including week 51
Week price 6 personsWeeks
A: KR. 5910.-29/30/31/32
B: KR. 5355.-28/33/ 1
C: KR. 4290.-27/34
D: KR. 3690.-26/35/52
E: KR. 3179.-25
F: KR. 2665.-Week 2 to 24 inclusive
F: KR. 2665.-Week 36 to 51 inclusive

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