Camping prices

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You can chose to stay in one of our holiday homes, huts or stay at our camp resort, so you can enjoy the park for several days. We offer free parking nearby the entrance, where you can buy the tickets.

Camping prices

Site rent per unit - camping/tentKR. 49.-
Per person / adultsKR. 89.-
Per person / children*KR. 69.- *
DogKR. 15.-
Power Supply per dayKR. 42.-

In addition, an environmental supplement of 20 kr. 24 hours a day unit.

In the Family Park you have a unique possibility of combining the joys of camp life with fun and hobby for the whole family.

The campsite lies straight up to the park and there is not far to the fishing and activities.

Park prices – campers

Park price for campersDaysPrice
Per. person1KR. 25.-
Per. person2KR. 40.-
Per. person3KR. 55.-
Per. person1 ugeKR. 100.-

Park access can be purchased which gives free access to: Mini golf, krolf, football pool, disc golf, bicycle boats, canoes, small electric train, electric cable car, water park etc. However, extra payment for fishing, go-karts and mooncar.

Camping prices – All-time lots

PeriodePladsleje+ ekstra personer
Power Supply by Meter
Summer Season – 2 persons inclusive25-3-2022 til 23-10-2022KR. 8495.-KR. 500.-
Spring Season – 2 persons inclusive25-3-2022 til 26-6-2022KR. 4100.-KR. 300.-
Autumn Season – 2 persons inclusive14-8-2022 til 23-10-2022KR. 2500.-KR. 250.-

In addition, an environmental supplement of DKK 150 per. unit and connection fee of DKK 200 per unit. unit.

All season prices are inclusive park entrance fee.
Payment of power supply by meter, which must be lend here. DKK 4.00 per kWh.

Free access to the park: Free entrance to all park activities (except for Go-Kart, fishing and mooncars).
Enjoy indoor and outdoor water park or a game of miniature golf.