Water park

Welcome to our Water Park

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You can chose to stay in one of our holiday homes, huts or stay at our camp resort, so you can enjoy the park for several days. We offer free parking nearby the entrance, where you can buy the tickets.

If the heat starts to prickle, and you need to cool down – then go for a stroll in our comfortable Water Park.

Here the kids can enjoy the child-friendly pool, but the adults can also join, as the pool has more depths.

Outdoor pool
The outdoor pool is open from approximately mid-June to mid-September, depending on the weather though.

There is plenty of possibility that mum and dad can relax at the large patio, too. Lots of sun beds are located there, so you can enjoy the sun and there is a clear view of the whole pool.

Children in various ages must remember not to forget to a ride in our big water roller coaster – it is fun for the whole family.

Roofed Pool
Our roofed swimming pool is open. Temperature of the water is over 23 Celsius degrees so come and jump in.
The roofed pool is open from mid-May to Mid-September.

If you have purchased entry to the park, it is free to use the water park.

Children must be accompanied by an adult for safety reasons.

We’ll see you in Hee by Ringkøbing!

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